SD Turing League Championship SET High
Team Rankings

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RankTeam #Team NameQPRPHighestMatchesQPRPMatches
14216Rise of Hephaestus281533387628153314
311212The Clueless222093330622209314
412499Gear Up211606383621160614
512405Lost CTRL201331296620133114
69367Torrey Techies White181632387618163214
73650Torrey Techies171681356617168114
96074RAWALA (Robot Assemblers With A Long Acronym)161233119616123314
1012406Indiana Drones161097279616109714
148380UC Robotics1498434161498414
159902San Clemente High Robotics Team101565231610156514

QP (Total Qualification Points) - 2 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE, 0 Points for a LOSS.

RP (Total Ranking Points) - Ranking points are awarded using the losing alliance's score in each match.

Highest (Highest Match Score) - The highest match score awarded to the team.

Matches Played does not include surrogate matches.

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